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Catina Daniels-Rice, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Get to Know Catina

Catina is a Licensed Professional Counselor with twenty years of experience treating a variety of clients in different settings for their difficulties. Working with the most severe cases during her days at Dallas Metrocare Services to treating clients with more mainstream problems at several private practices has prepared her for working with each family member individually and then as the whole family.

She has worked with teenagers and adults who struggles with self-mutilation as a poor means of coping with their life challenges.  Catina is able to educate the family about why their loved one would resort to such behavior as well as helping the individual find alternative ways of coping with and working through their pain.

In addition, Catina works with adult females who have encounter difficulties having successful relationships  because of childhood sexual abuse and rape in which they have not healed from.. Additionally, Catina works with the husband/significant other, when they are confused about why she is lashing out or reserved, by educating, assisting and giving them tools they can use in order to be a part of the healing process of their loved one.   is often,.

Most couples are hurt and confused about how or if they can continue in their relationship when infidelity or growing apart occurs. Catina has spent the last two years focusing more on working with couples teaching them how to communicate their problems before an affair (even an emotional affair) happens, and how to express themselves to each other effectively if an affair has happened.

When children become teenagers, parents and the teens often find it difficult to relate to each other and discuss problems that arise. Parents may wonder where their cute child went, and teens believe that parents just don’t understand. The family has reached the point in life where there are different languages spoken, even though they both consider it to be English. Due to her work with both parents and children through Child Protective Services and testifying in court about the progress, Catina has received referrals from Collin County judges to work with parents and children teaching them to communicate more effectively. The parents are better able to understand their role and use consequences for inappropriate behavior that is specific to their child to get results.  Teens learn how to respectfully approach their parents to express themselves.

Women/Mothers are known for putting their husbands and children, work, older parents, and so many others before themselves. However, this can be detrimental when they are experiencing medical issues, dissatisfaction with their own lives, and so many other negatives that actually prevent them from being their best with the ones they love. Catina has a special way of bonding with female clients to help them see their own worth and the importance of practicing self-care on a daily basis.

As a native of Texoma having graduated from Whitewright High School in 1991, Catina is pleased to return to the area with the experience she’s gained to help the people of this wonderful community be able to cope with the difficulties and challenges that arise in their lives.


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– Cigna

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Initial Session: $150

Weekly Session: $125

Family/Couples Counseling: $150

Pre-Marital Counseling: $125



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