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Online Recovery Coaching

Imagine being free:

  • Free from the fear of gaining weight

  • Free from obsessing about your body and your weight

  • Free from obsessing about food

  • Free from obsessing about working out

  • Free from dieting


Imagine a life where you:

  • No longer think  negatively about your body

  • ook in the mirror and like what you see

  • Can eat what you want

  • No longer binge or purge

  • Enjoy life and stop worrying about your next meal or next workout

  • Have more time relaxing and enjoying friends and family, rather than spending time in the gym

  • Learn to eat intuitively without tracking meals and calories


Love Your Body:

  • Loving your body with its’ imperfectionsespecting, honoring, and caring for your body.

  • Listening to what your body needs, enjoys, while trusting your ability to take care of it.

  • Trusting your ability to eat and move in a way that is good and enjoyable for you.(kinda redundant)


Love Your Life

  • Abandon rules about working out and dieting.

  • Learn to respect yourself and know when your body needs to eat, you learn when move, and enjoy more time with family and friends.(should be used either here or under the Imagine a life section, not it both)

  • Have increased confidence: more confidence means  more success at work, in relationships, and life.

  • Embrace and realize your strengths.

Know and  accept imperfections as qualities of your personal value.

You can be free! You can love your body! You can love your life!


What is Online Recovery Coaching?

Coaching is a process in which we identify goals, work to identify obstacles and problem solve toward  achieving these goals. We take action to help you improve self-esteem, body image, and disordered eating.

I require you work with a therapist during our coaching relationship.. Coaching may bring up emotional issues and is not a place to address these challenges. Coaching is not and does not replace therapy. Rather we set very specific goals to help you overcome your eating disorder, improve your relationship with your body and food, while  improving your self-esteem.


Available Coaching Options:

Weekly 45 Minute Video Meetings

  • Each week we set specific goals to help you overcome and recover.


Coming Soon:

  • 8 Week Love Your Body, Love Your Life Program

  • Online Diet Freedom Support Group

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Online Recovery Coaching -  Coming Soon


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