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Hurting Sucks, Stop the Hurting

Counseling Services for Tweens, Teens, Young Men, Women, Families, and Couples in Sherman, TX.

At TSC We Specialize In:

Eating Disorders

You hate your body. You don’t  feel good enough. You daily wage war against yourself and are completely exhausted.

You can overcome your body loathing, and learn to accept and love yourself. You will gain peace about eating. You can ditch diets and break the cycle of yo-yo dieting or endless dieting.

Anxiety and OCD

Your racing brain will not rest; It is full of bothersome and oppressive thoughts. You feel powerless to make the bad thoughts stop.

Counseling helps you learn to quiet your racing brain, silence the voices, and gain control over worry and anxiety. You can learn to face your deepest, darkest fears in a safe and manageable way.


You feel like you are "bad" and deserved the "bad" thing that happened to you. You want to forget but can't. No matter how hard you try this bad event haunts you.

Counseling helps you let go of shame and guilt. You will gain understanding about  "why" you think and act like you do. You learn skills helpful in stopping the nightmares and the bad memories.

Tween and Teen Support

It's hard being a tween and teen. Does your teen say things like, “You just don't get it. You don't understand all I have to deal with everyday. Why don't you trust me?”

We will  work with you and your teen to better understand how your teen thinks and feels. We provide teens with a safe place to vent and share. We help families learn to communicate and better understand each other.

Couples and Marriage Support

You love your partner, but are struggling with how you relate and communicate with each other. You feel hurt and betrayed. You want to trust your partner but just can’t.

Sometimes couples need a place to express conflict and address issues like trust, infidelity, and hurt. Counseling can strengthen relationships and help you make decisions regarding your partner.

Hi, We Are Texoma Specialty Counseling

We help struggling tweens, teens, young men and women, families, and couples  here in the Texoma area. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, confused, sad, and burdened, working with our experienced therapists will help you feel more in control, positive, and at peace.

We are warm, compassionate, and create a safe place for people to heal and succeed.

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